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When Pierre Peyronie still made Fonbadet wines with his father, the vineyard covered an area of only 6 hectares. On his own in 1963, Pierre Peyronie started rebuilding the vineyard and made his first wines in old wooden vats. In 1970, a new vat room was built, with 14 epoxy cement vats in a single row. Gradually, over the last decades of the 20th century, Pierre, thanks to constant purchases, increased the size of the vineyard to some twenty hectares. After finishing her law degree, Pascale joined him in September 1991, then crafted the wine with him as from the 1999 vintage. With a new consultant oenologist, Pascale made the first vintage of the century. In 2002, an important exchange took place with Château Mouton Rothschild, along with reparcelling of some 3 hectares of land. Recently, in 2007, with a constant commitment to the quality and renown of Château Fonbadet, Mr Eric Boissenot became the consultant oenologist.
Château Fonbadet is the very picture of the family estate that is increasingly rare in Pauillac today. Pierre, at almost 80, still keeps a supportive eye on the estate. Marie-Pierre, Pascale’s older sister, a Pauillac pharmacist, comments each vintage, while Pascale, the “winemaker”, thinks of herself as a passionate go-between between land and glass. With her feminine touch, Pascale proudly conveys the family message throughout the world.