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Aurélien Agert, the maternal grandfather of Jany Agert-Dandonneau, Pierre Peyronie’s wife, managed the estates of Baron Philippe de Rothschild during the Second World War, under the watchful eye of the German occupant. Prior to that, Mr Saintout, a maternal ancestor of Pierre Peyronie, had also managed a Premier Cru classified in 1855, at Lafite Rothschild.

Finally, Pierre Peyronie’s father Robert was the right-hand man of Georges Mandel in the Médoc region. Mandel was a man of humble origins, a Rothschild through his father, but without the aristocratic “de”, a leader of whom De Gaulle said that he was “France’s First Resistance fighter”. In a region so difficult to win over and so quick to hand out nicknames, Robert Peyronie became “Mandel’s Mahout”.