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At the end of the 1930s, Robert Peyronie, a Pauillac vine product merchant, set about creating a vineyard. He started with the Mongrand Milon estate, inherited through the family of his maternal grandfather, the Simons. Around the nucleus, he added estates on the verge of disappearance, that were sold by auction. Fonbadet, sold by the Estager family, who had purchased it from Bernard Coudert, Tour Du Roc Milon, sold by the Martet family, and then Padarnac.

On the other hand, Château Pauillac and Château Haut Pauillac, other Peyronie estates, were purchased by Pierre Peyronie following court proceedings many years later, in 1971.

Robert Peyronie intensified his purchases after the Second World War and bestowed the brand name Fonbadet on his best vintages.
During the 1956 frosts, the Château Fonbadet vineyards appear to have been protected thanks to their altitude and to their location near the Gironde river, that offered a temperature- regulated microclimate. Robert Peyronie, a tenacious man, never lost heart.